Welcome to kristophe.com, where you may view some of my attempts to put words in such an order as to convey an entertaining story. Time is the true arbiter of what is and isn’t good writing, and perhaps some of what I put to paper will survive the test-that-takes-no-prisoners. After all is said and done, it is neither the authors nor the critics who will decide what is good or bad literature, but the readers themselves.
     I write for all of the boys, girls, men and women, who have come to the realization that they are "different," with the express purpose of sharing with them that the gods don't make mistakes, nor do they have a bad case of hiccups. There are no accidents in the universe and we are whom we are for a purpose: to live in lesson, and to learn not only from our lessons, but the lessons of others, as well. This is what keeps good men and women humble.
     Most of my stories are about boys and their experience of loving other boys, for having lived my life entirely as a male, so far, I think it best that I not gamble with what talent I possess to attempt to articulate the experiences of the opposite sex. Perhaps in my next life. There are, of course, stories in my first book which are not of this theme, but share a common thread, nonetheless.
     To best illustrate the points I wish to make with my writing, I use the illustrious tool known as humour. It can make even the hardest of souls soften, sometimes, and that is my intent. Portions of my writing, such as the essays in The Preponderance of Evidence, are of a more serious tone. It is the balance of life - the yin and the yang - that compels me to use both tools in my work, for they complement each other.

     So, I offer my stories for your enjoyment, and I welcome open and honest discussion about my work, and the thoughts behind it, for I do believe that it is by open dialogue that perceptions can be changed, and differences can be made imperceptible. Some might perceive my desire to see gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered teens openly and lovingly accepted for who they are as "pollyanna," at best. From my viewpoint, I'll risk their judgements. The outcome I dream about is well worth being called all sorts of things.
     The links to the left will take you to select excerpts from my books, and if you like what you have read, I invite you to purchase any of the published work